Authority of labour inspectors

1. The inspectors are authorized to enter, within 24 hours of the day, without any prior notice, the institutions referred to in Article 85 of the Law and to inspect them. (Article 98 of the Labour Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

2. Inspectors are authorized to have the right to take samples from the compounds that are used by the workers in contact with them or used in the work.

3. All inspectors have a special card signed by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs which must be accompanied through the inspection and, upon request, be provided to officials or employers of the workshop (Article 100 of the Labour Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

4. Employers and other persons who impede the entry of inspectors into workshops or impede the carrying out of inspections, inspect work or refuse to provide them with the necessary information and documents, According to the case, are sentenced to the penalties prescribed in the labour law. (Article 104 Labour Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

5. If the inspector during the inspection of workshops, is noticed the probability of occurrence of an accident, should inform the employer or his agent as soon as possible at the workshop and his direct director. The head of the organization also requests the relevant judicial authority, according to the labour inspector's report, to request the closing the workshop or a part of it.

6. The decommissioning order will be issued by the reference authority if the inspector of the work or the relevant court official has confirmed the deficiencies and disadvantages are removed. In the case that part or all of the workshops are closed due to the above, the employer is required to pay the wages of the workers to the part or whole workshop that is closed.