The main tasks of the labour inspection (Article 96 of the Labour Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran)

Article 96:In order to properly implement this Law and the technical protection criteria,  Inspection Administration of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs shall be established to perform the following functions:


a. Supervision over enforcement of the regulations governing the working conditions, especially the regulations aimed at providing protection against hard, hazardous and dangerous work, duration of work, wages, labour welfare, employment of women and youngsters.

b. Supervision over proper enforcement of the provisions of the Labour Law, and the by regulations and instructions pertaining to technical protection.

c. Training matters pertaining to technical protection and guidance of workers, employers and all the individuals who are exposed to injury and impairment as a result of the accidents and dangers arising out of work.

d. Study and research with regard to the problems caused by the enforcement of technical protection regulations, and formulation of necessary proposals to amend the standards and directives related to the said cases, proportionate to technological progress and advancement

e. Investigation of accidents arising out of work in the applicable workshops, and conducting general and statistical analysis of such cases in order to prevent accidents.


Note 1: The Ministry of Health and Medical Education shall be responsible for planning, controlling, evaluating and inspecting matters relating to Labour hygiene and workers’ medical treatment. The Ministry shall be under the obligation to adopt necessary measures in this regard

 Note 2 :Regular inspections shall be carried out, along with pointing out the problems, defects and constraints and calling for the prosecution of the offenders by competent authorities, if necessary.