Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare / Administration Department / Department of Hard and Harmful Work Assessment

Department of Hazardous and Arduous Work Assessment


- Working with the Research and Training Center for occupational safety and Health on conducting studies and research on the harmfully physical and chemical factors of the work environment, as well as the means to reduce the above factors in the workshops and the health of the workplaces.
- Collaboration with the Research and Training Center for Occupational Safety and Health in the formation of training courses on technical protection and safety and the development of educational pamphlets.
- Reviewing of the minutes of the committees on the subject of article (18) of the regulations of the hazardous and arduous acts in order to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and, if necessary, the proposal at the Supreme Council for Technical Protection
- Carrying out studies and statistical surveys of accidents and illnesses caused by arduous work in cooperation with relevant units and providing necessary suggestions
- Guidance of the inspectors of the executive departments of the country through studying and reporting on accidents and diseases caused by hazardous and arduous work and answering their technical and scientific questions