Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare / Administration Department / Department of Planning and Performance Monitoring

Department of Planning and Performance Monitoring


- Set up a program of periodic inspections and case inspections and provide guidance to managers, workers and safety officers on how to enforce work safety laws and regulations.
- Monitor the performance of Labour Inspection Offices and provide guidance to them
- Perform annual planning of the Labour Inspection Department
- Working with the Center of Research and Training for Occupational Safety and Health to carry out training programs of the in-service training of inspectors and supervising the implementation of training courses.
- Investigating and researching the problems caused by the implementation of technical protection provisions
- Provide guidance to managers, workers and authorities to protect workshops on how to enforce laws and regulations on technical and labour safety and protection.
- Tracking the establishment of protection committees throughout the country's workshops and continuous monitoring of their performance
- Investigating the causes of the formation or absence of protection committees and non-implementation of decisions taken at committee meetings
- Performing statistical studies on the reports of health and safety committees from the executive inspectors and analyzing and interpreting relevant statistical tables and charts.
- Planning and monitoring the performance of service companies and human resources contractors
- Providing statistics of service companies regarding their selection, renewal or disqualification
- Cooperate with the Association of Employers of Service and Support Services and Engineering Services throughout the country for the latest information on problems and employment and training on labour relations issues.
- Studies needed to provide a software program for ranking and upgrading software services companies
- Review reports and complaints received from service companies regarding the cancellation or disqualification to put forward in the Central Competence Center
- Guidance to the officials of the Association of Service Companies and answers to their questions
- Hold meetings with the heads of trade associations to establish a unified approach in all provinces in dealing with offenders and provide an appropriate mechanism for preventing irregularities.
- Continued review of the performance of service companies and human resources contractors
- Reviewing the performance of executive units regarding the ranking and determining the competence of service companies and human resources contractors