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Issued Safety Regulations


Technical Protection and Safety Services Advisers
 Risk Assessment in Mines
Employment of Safety officers in Workshops
 Safety in the Casting Industry
 Safety in Electric Power Transmission Operations
 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting at the workshops
 Safety in Forging Industry
 Safety in Mines
 Safety in Working with Construction Machinery
 The Executive rules of the Article 58 of the Safety signs Regulation
 Instructions for the implementation of the safety regulations of the contracting affairs
Safety in Workshop Buildings
Safety in Animal Husbandry workshops
Work Safety at Altitude
Safety for Personal Protective Equipment
Safety in Ports
Safety for hearing impaired people at workshops
Regulations on the selection of university professors, representatives of workers and representatives of industry directors
Internal Regulation of the High Council for Technical Protection
Work Safety regulation in the Printing Industry
Safety in Welding and Hot Cutting
Manual Load Handling Protection
Safety Regulation for Contractors
Executive instruction of the Safety of Employers, Workers and Trainees Regulation
Protective work regulation for pesticides in the workshop
Safety for water and wastewater treatment plants
Safety in the Glass Industry
Safety for Forklift Trucks
Safety for Agricultural Machinery and Implements
Safety in Laboratories
Safety for Vehicle repair shops
Safety Signs at the workshop
Safety for water tanks and swimming pools
Protective regulation for Construction workshops
Protective provisions for the digging of wells
Protective regulation for Injection presses (plastic and die-cast)
Protective regulation for Steam Generators and Hot water Boilers
Protection against the hazard of ionizing radiation
Protection for shipping, storage and distribution of liquefied gas
Protection for Crushers ، Grinding Mills and Pulverisers
Protection for blenders and Mixers
Protection for Machine Tools
Protective for Stone Grinding Machines
Protection for Wood Industry
Protection for Hazardous, Flammable and Explosive materials
Safety for electrical installations with earth connection
Safety of work on Electric Power lines and equipment
Protection for Electrical Installations and Equipment at the workshop
Protection against the Hazards of Power Transmission
Early retirement law in hard and harmful work
Executive Rules for hard and harmful work
Executive Regulation of Hard and harmful work
Hard and Harmful work Regulation
Regulation for diagnosis and approval of the technical consultant and safety services
Regulation of the Technical Protection and Health Care Committee
Regulation for Establishment of a labor health center at workshops
Protection for transportation and handling of materials and objects in workshops
Protection and General Health at Workshops
Executive rule for Provincial primitive and revision committees regarding Compliance and Diagnosis of Hard and Harmful work and Supervising them